Healing and the Scriptures


Healing and the Scriptures
Authors: David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Year: 1988
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780840790118
ISBN 915840790112
Categorie: Religion – Spirituality
Pages: 101

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Healing and the Scriptures David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
and the Scriptures is a collection of lectures that the late Dr. Martin
Lloyd-Jones gave over a twenty-one year period (1953-74) to various medical societies and academic groups. What this book therefore contains
is the applied wisdom of a man who has both practical medical knowledge
and a profound understanding of the Bible. Subsequently, Dr. Jones masterfully applies his insights to draw a map of how healing is acquired for the “whole person”—that is healing on the spiritual, psychological and biological level.
Specifically, Dr. Jones looks
at the doctor-patient relationship, the role of pharmacological agents (prescription drugs) in mental illness, the construct of ‘mental illness’ in general, universal health care and the role that the supernatural plays in the healing of natural diseases. Moreover, he provides philosophical analysis to topics that appeal to a wider audience: the role of the Church and the State, the power of faith as a healing agent, demonic oppression vs possession, technology and science and the Christian, the self, Christian protest, pastoral counseling, and
material success in the life of a believer. As a medical doctor myself,
I found Dr. Jones’s analyses remarkable in that he not only foresaw where medicine was accurately going 50 years in the past, but it was almost as if he was sitting next to me making observations about the state of medical affairs in the present day.
For those who are unfamiliar, Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones was a Protestant minister and medical
doctor who preached for nearly three decades in the Westminster Chapel in London. He was a strong advocate of Reformed theology and the influence of his work still reverberates today. Healing and the Scriptures is but one of the many books of Dr. Jones that I have read, and whenever he puts his pen to paper, what results is magnificent. Categories:
Religion – Spirituality
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