Fields, Waves and Transmission Lines


Fields, Waves and Transmission Lines
Authors: F. A. Benson
Year: 1991
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9789401123822
ISBN 5939401123829
Categorie: Electronic Engineering
Pages: 376 / 368
Edition: 1

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Fields, Waves and Transmission Lines F. A. Benson, T. M. Benson (auth.)
One of us (FAB) published a book Problems in Electronics with Solutions in 1957 which became well established and ran to five editions, the last revised and enlarged edition appearing in 1976. When the first edition was written it covered almost the complete undergraduate electronics courses in engin¬≠ eering at universities. One book, at a price students can afford, can no longer cover an undergraduate course in electronics. It has therefore been decided to produce a book covering one important section of such a course using the experience gained and a few problems from previous editions of Problems in Electronics with Solutions. The book is based largely on problems collected by us over many years and given to undergraduate electronic and electrical engineers. Its purpose is to present the problems, together with a large number of their solutions, in the hope that it will prove valuable to undergraduates and other teachers. It should also be useful for Master’s degree students in electronic and electrical engineering and physics, research workers, engineers and scientists in industry and as a reference source.
Engineering – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Springer Netherlands
376 / 368
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