Expert Hadoop Administration: Managing Tuning and Securing Spark YARN and HDFS


Expert Hadoop Administration: Managing Tuning and Securing Spark YARN and HDFS
Authors: Sam R. Alapati
Year: 2016
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780134597195
ISBN 10: 134597192
Categories: Computers, Databases
Pages: 320 / 319
Edition: 1st Edition

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Expert Hadoop® Administration: Managing, Tuning, and Securing Spark, YARN, and HDFS Sam R. Alapati
The Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Apache Hadoop Administration Handbook and Reference “Sam Alapati has worked with production Hadoop clusters for six years. His unique depth of experience has enabled him to write the go-to resource for all administrators looking to spec, size, expand, and secure production Hadoop clusters of any size.”
–Paul Dix, Series Editor
In *Expert Hadoop® Administration, * leading Hadoop administrator Sam R. Alapati brings together authoritative knowledge for creating, configuring, securing, managing, and optimizing production Hadoop clusters in any environment. Drawing on his experience with large-scale Hadoop administration, Alapati integrates action-oriented advice with carefully researched explanations of both problems and solutions. He covers an unmatched range of topics and offers an unparalleled collection of realistic examples.Alapati demystifies complex Hadoop environments, helping you understand exactly what happens behind the scenes when you administer your cluster. You’ll gain unprecedented insight as you walk through building clusters from scratch and configuring high availability, performance, security, encryption, and other key attributes. The high-value administration skills you learn here will be indispensable no matter what Hadoop distribution you use or what Hadoop applications you run.Understand Hadoop’s architecture from an administrator’s standpoint
Create simple and fully distributed clustersRun MapReduce and Spark applications in a Hadoop clusterManage and protect Hadoop data and high availabilityWork with HDFS commands, file permissions, and storage managementMove data, and use YARN to allocate resources and schedule jobsManage job workflows with Oozie and HueSecure, monitor, log, and optimize HadoopBenchmark and troubleshoot Hadoop Categories:
Computers – Databases
1st Edition
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Addison-Wesley Data & Analytics Series
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Expert Hadoop Administration: Managing Tuning and Securing Spark YARN and HDFS

Availability: 5000 in stock