Developing the Leader Within You 20 Workbook


Developing the Leader Within You 20 Workbook
Authors: John C. Maxwell
Year: 2018
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780310094074
ISBN 828310094070
Categorie: Responsibility and Business Ethics
Pages: 240
Edition: Paperback

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Developing the Leader Within You 0 Workbook John C. Maxwell
Twenty-five years ago, John C. Maxwell published the book that forever transformed how people think about leadership.Developing the Leader Within Youshowed that leaders are made, not born, and helped more than two million people in the process. Maxwell now returns to this classic text to include the insights and practices he has learned in the decades since that work first appeared.
In this completely revised and updated “0” workbook, you will receive everything you need to take a significant step in your leadership journey, along with in-depth activities designed to help develop the leader within you. If you complete all the readings and exercises and answer all the questions, you will be amazed at how your influence, effectiveness, and impact will increase in such a short time. And if you’re going through this process with a group, you’ll enjoy the challenging discussion questions at the end of each lesson so you can explore the ideas in even greater depth.
No matter the arena in which you find yourself called to serve–family, business, or nonprofit–the principles John Maxwell shares in this workbook on effective leadership will positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.
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