Control Systems for Complete Idiots


Control Systems for Complete Idiots
Year: 2018
Publisher: Independently published
Language: english
ISBN 13: 978-1079384543
ISBN 6291079384545
Categorie: Electronic Engineering

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Control Systems for Complete Idiots DAVID SMITH

In this day and age everything around us is automatic and our desire to automate more stuff is only increasing. Control systems finds its applications in everything you can possibly think of. The concept of Control system plays an important role in the working of, everything from home appliances to guided missiles to self-driving cars. These are just the examples of Control systems we create. Control systems also exist in nature. Within our own body, there are numerous control systems, such as the pancreas, which regulate our blood sugar. In the most abstract sense it is possible to consider every physical object a control system. Hence from an engineering perspective, it is absolutely crucial to be familiar with the analysis and designing methods of such Control systems. Control systems is one of those subjects that go beyond a particular branch of engineering. Control systems find its application in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Civil Engineering and many other branches of engineering. Although this book is written in an Electrical engineering context, we are sure that others can also easily follow the topics and learn a thing or two about Control systems.In this book we provide a concise introduction into classical Control theory. A basic knowledge of Calculus and some Physics are the only prerequisites required to follow the topics discussed in the book. In this book, We’ve tried to explain the various fundamental concepts of Control Theory in an intuitive manner with minimum math. Also, We’ve tried to connect the various topics with real life situations wherever possible. This way even first timers can learn the basics of Control systems with minimum effort. Hopefully the students will enjoy this different approach to Control Systems. The various concepts of the subject are arranged logically and explained in a simple reader-friendly language with MATLAB examples.This book is not meant to be a replacement for those standard Control systems textbooks, rather this book should be viewed as an introductory text for beginners to come in grips with advanced level topics covered in those books. This book will hopefully serve as inspiration to learn Control systems in greater depths.

Categories: Engineering – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Year: 2018
Language: english
ISBN: 9781079384543
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