Comprehensive Algebra 1 For JEE Main and Advanced 2nd edition


Comprehensive Algebra 1 For JEE Main and Advanced 2nd edition
Authors: Vinay Kumar
Year: 2020
Publisher: Mc Graw Hill India
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9789389811537
ISBN 10: 9389811538
Categorie: Mathematics, Algebra
Pages: 617
Edition: 2

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Comprehensive Algebra 1 For JEE Main and Advanced Vinay Kumar
Preface: Algebra is a vital topic of mathematics and comprises nearly 25% of questions asked in JEE. A thorough understanding and mastery of this topic is therefore essential for success in IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance examinations.Due to the vastness of the topic, it has been divided into two volumes.Comprehensive Algebra Vol-1 for JEE (Main & Advanced) has been conceived and developed as a textbook-cum-practice book. Starting off with an indepth treatment of the theory portion, it is supplemented with illustrative examples and practice problems (graded according to difficulty levels) along with the solutions.There are 5 chapters in this volume. Each chapter is dealt thoroughly, first with an extensive approach to theory followed by illustrative examples, practice problems, etc. The collection of carefully selected Objective Questions will help in imparting practice in problem solving. The review exercises comprise problems of moderate level of difficulty while the Target exercises are tougher problems. Solutions to chapter-end exercises viz. Objective Questions, Review Exercises and Target Exercises have been provided. The solutions to Previous Years’ Questions have been provided in the Online supplement for which the link has been provided at the back of the book cover.My sincere thanks are due to all my teachers who have been my constant motivation and have given valuable suggestions and recommendations. I am especially thankful to Mr Devendra Kumar, Mr Shashyesh Bhardwaj and Mr Avinash Kumar Singh for their support and cooperation in bringing out this book.Suggestions for improvement are always welcome and shall be gratefully acknowledged.
About The Author: Vinay Kumar (VKR) graduated from IIT Delhi in Mechanical Engineering.Presently, he is Director of VKR Classes, Kota, Rajasthan.

Mathematics – Algebra
Mc Graw Hill India
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