COLLEGE ALGEBRA Vol. 2: Equations Systems Inequalities Complex numbers PolynomialsProgressions


COLLEGE ALGEBRA Vol. 2: Equations Systems Inequalities Complex numbers PolynomialsProgressions
Authors: Demetrios P. Kanoussis Ph.D
Year: 2020
Publisher: Independently published
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9798480833140
ISBN 10:
Categorie: Mathematics, Algebra
Pages: 480

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COLLEGE ALGEBRA, Vol. 2: Equations, Systems, Inequalities, Complex numbers, Polynomials,Progressions , , , , Algebra, traditionally, deals with equations, systems of equations, inequalities, polynomials, etc, and develops methods and techniques which serve as an introduction to higher Mathematics.This book was written to provide an essential help to all university students, in the areas of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering. A knowledge of introductory College Algebra is desirable, and can be found in my book, “College Algebra, Vol. 1”. This first volume, is devoted to set theory, set of real numbers, algebraic operations, ratios and proportions, inequalities, absolute values, identities, factorization and permanent inequalities. The current volume, “College Algebra, Vol. 2” is, by far, more advanced, and covers several topics on higher degree equations and inequalities, systems of equations (linear and non linear), polynomials, complex numbers, progressions, logarithmic and exponential equations, etc.The book contains 19 chapters, as shown analytically in the table of contents. Chapter 1 is devoted to mappings and functions, Cartesian coordinates and graphs of functions. Chapter 2 treats first degree equations in one unknown, factored equations and equations involving absolute values. Chapter 3 covers first degree inequalities in one unknown and inequalities with absolute values. Chapter 4 concentrates on systems of linear equations, (2×2,3×3, etc). Useful and powerful methods and techniques are developed, (method of substitution, Cramer’s rule, Gauss’s elimination method, the generalized method of substitution, etc), for the solution of linear systems and various special types of linear systems are considered. Graphical solution of linear systems and linear inequalities are studied in chapter 5, while rational equations and rational inequalities are considered in chapter Irrational equations are studied in chapter The theory of complex numbers and related properties are developed in chapter Quadratic equations are studied in considerable depth and details in chapter 9, while the theory of quadratic trinomial is developed in chapter Chapter 11 is devoted to equations and inequalities transformable to quadratic equations and inequalities, (for example, biquadratic equations, reciprocal equations, binomial and trinomial equations, etc). Non linear algebraic systems are considered in chapter 1 Polynomials in one variable and related theorems are studied in chapter 13, while chapter 14 is devoted to the general properties of polynomial equations, (theorem of conjugate roots, theorem of rational roots, theorem of irrational roots, Vieta’s theorem, etc). Polynomials in several variables and related theorems are studied in chapter 1 Arithmetic, harmonic and geometric progressions and various applications are introduced in chapter 1 Logarithms, logarithmic equations and exponential equations are developed in chapter 1 Chapter 18 is devoted to the theory of conditional maxima and minima of functions of several variables. Finally, in chapter 19, we study some special topics, related to the application of complex numbers in polynomials and trigonometry. The famous, Cote’s theorem, is proved easily, with the aid of complex numbers. At the end of the book, there is a list of 256 supplementary problems, covering all topics developed in the book.The book contains, in total, 310 solved examples and 1050 problems for solution. The examples and the problems have been selected to help students develop a solid background in Algebra, broaden their knowledge and sharpen their analytical skills, and finally, prepare them to pursue successfully more advanced studies in Mathematics and Engineering.Hints or detailed instructions are given for the more involved problems, while answers to odd-numbered problems are provided, so that the students can check their progress and understating of the material studied.
Mathematics – Algebra
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COLLEGE ALGEBRA Vol. 2: Equations Systems Inequalities Complex numbers PolynomialsProgressions

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