Biology and Management of the German Cockroach


Biology and Management of the German Cockroach
Authors: Changlu Wang
Year: 2021
Publisher: CABI
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781789248104
ISBN 5821789248108
Categorie: Biology
Pages: 321

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Biology and Management of the German Cockroach Changlu Wang, Chow-Yang Lee, Michael Rust
The German cockroach continues to be one of the most important indoor urban pests in the world. They contaminate foods, transmit pathogens and produce allergens that trigger asthma. The last seminal publication dedicated to the German cockroach was published in 1995 by Rust, Owens and Reierson, and numerous advances in management technology, products, delivery system, basic and applied research have occurred over the last two-and-a-half decades. This book summarizes the research on German cockroaches over the last 25 years with an emphasis on its biology and management. Fourteen authors contributed to it, including university researchers and one pest management professional. In the preparation of this book, the authors provide a critical review of the research advancements in the past 25 years with the objective of making it a go-to reference on German cockroach biology and management. Biology and Management of the German Cockroachwill provide the reader with a one-stop compilation of comprehensive understanding into the pest. It will be a valuable reference book to researchers, university professors, graduate students, pest management professionals, health workers, government agencies, and even the general public when dealing with pests and pesticides. Key Points: A one-stop compilation for information related to German cockroaches and their control A synthesis of most recent research information – the first book of its kind published since 1995 The editors and contributors are all internationally known experts and scientists working on German cockroaches. Categories:
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