Behavioral economics: trends perspectives and challenges


Behavioral economics: trends perspectives and challenges
Authors: Rehman
Year: 2018
Publisher: Nova
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781536131529
ISBN 10: 1536131520
Categories: Business and Economics, Sales and Marketing
Pages: 60

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Behavioral economics : trends, perspectives and challenges Rehman, Tansif ur (ed.)
“This book distills knowledge gained through a long academic career. For the past few years, the author’s work has focused primarily on behavioral economics. While he had learned much during his doctorate and international exposure, he learned even more after working with Nova Science Publishers. Through this experience, a new perspective has emerged that describes interests regarding the very fundamentals of behavioral economics. A desire to share these epiphanies motivated the production of this book. As the world moves further into a more globalized and digital age, generating vast content of different types of subject matter, there will be a greater need to access the respective aspects encompassing behavioral economics. It is the author’s passion to not only find out, but to develop tools to break down barriers of accessibility for future generations. This book represents the culmination of years of work, and writing it has been a challenging yet satisfying experience. The author also would like to express his gratitude to the people who supported him in this endeavor. (Nova)”–.   Categories:
Business & Economics – Sales & Marketing
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Economic issues problems and perspectives
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Behavioral economics: trends perspectives and challenges

Availability: 5000 in stock