An introduction to survey research


An introduction to survey research
Authors: Cowles
Year: 2015
Publisher: Business Expert Press
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781606498194
ISBN 2901606498193
Categorie: Sales and Marketing
Pages: 160 / 216
Edition: First edition

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An introduction to survey research Cowles, Ernest L., Nelson, Edward

Survey research is a widely used data collection method that involves asking people questions and using their answers as information. Such data can then be used to understand individuals views in a variety of areas such as political issues, community quality of life, and satisfaction with services and products, to name but a few. Decision makers in both the public and private sectors use survey results to examine past efforts and guide future direction. Yet, we are often surprised by the misperceptions of students, professionals and even high-level managers regarding what is required to conduct a good survey. Our purpose in developing this book is to provide an introduction and overview of survey research. We begin our exploration at the foundation of gathering information about the worldobservation and questioning. We examine the processes of each, and talk about identifying the information needed and the best approach to getting that information. We then discuss the processes commonly involved in conducting a survey including both obtaining a representative sample and dealing with the types of errors that can distort results. From here we focus on the components of constructing and carrying out a survey including the elements to consider when developing a survey, types of surveys, writing good questions, conducting the survey, and presenting the results. . The purpose of this book is to provide an introduction to survey research for those who want an overview of the survey process. It is intended to describe fundamental survey components to help both students and managers understand and use surveys effectively and avoid the pitfalls stemming from bad survey construction and inappropriate methods
Business & Economics – Sales & Marketing
First edition
Business Expert Press
16 216
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Quantitative approaches to decision making collection
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