Agile Project Management: Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Project Management (Agile Principles, Agile Software Development, DSDM Atern, Agile Project Scope)


Agile Project Management: Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Project Management (Agile Principles, Agile Software Development, DSDM Atern, Agile Project Scope)

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Table of contents :
1. Selection of appropriate water-sensitive systems for stormwater quantity control in South Australia / Akhter, Farjana
Argue, John
Hewa, Guna
Ahammed, Faisal
Myers, Baden —
2. The greater Bunbury groundwater and surface water interactions model: Recalibration and validation to use it as a decision support tool for water management, south-west Western Australia / Alam, Muhammad Shafiqul —
3. Applicability of kriging to regional flood estimation problem in Victoria / Ali, Sabrina
Rahman, Ataur
Loveridge, Melanie —
4. Application of waterguide – a framework for improved water resource management in Jordan / Austin, Kate
Pohlner, Huw —
5. TUFLOW classic and HPC comparison using a coupled 1D/2D model of Toowoomba / Balicki, Monika
Redenbach, Mitchell
Carlisle, Wendy
Bashar, Kazi —
6. Apportioning allocations to users of multi-storage water supply systems: A case study of making a complex volume shared system more transparent / Barton, Andrew
Wilson, Kym —
7. Securing low flows – a trial project to install low flow devices on existing farm dams / Braithwaite, Helen
Savadamuthu, Kumar
Wainwright, Paul —
8. Time saving automation for ARR2016 / Brakell, K
Sercombe, J
Whiteley, D
Redfern, S
Klein, N —
9. Monitoring irrigation volumes using climate data and remote sensing observations / Bretreger, David
Quijano, Juan
Awad, John —
10. Supplementing flood frequency analysis with pre-record paleofloods / Broit, Adam —
11. Modelling microbial source pathways at the catchment scale / Cetin, Lydia T
Pedruco, Philip
Byrnes, Kate
Dixon, Jonathan
Tillman, Pei
Clift, Sarah Holland
Birtles, Phillip —
12. A proposed method and case study for detection of change in waterway health due to flow / Sparrow, Ashley
Bond, Nick
Witteveen, Suzanne
Chan, Terry —
13. Improved information for future decision making / Chapman, A
Wilkinson, B —
14. Bottom up systems analysis of urban water resources and market mechanisms for pricing water and sewage services / Coombes, Peter J
Barry, Michael E
Smit, Michael —
15. Flood studies for remote Indigenous communities in the Kimberley region of Western Australia / Coppolina, Mary-ann
Grace, Damon —
16. A new approach to integrated water management in Victoria, Australia – achieving greater results through collaboration and partnerships / Corbett, Dennis
Farmer, Abby —
17. Evidence of climate change in South-East Australian water data / Amin, Allen
Cordery, Ian —
18. Large basins or small dams?: Reducing flood risk to communities through design and construction / Cox, D
Lonie, I
Carroll, D
Rhodes, T —
19. The application of space-time patterns to the verification of a large catchment in Northern Victoria / Craig, Tim
Northfield, Andrew
Stephens, David —
20. Challenges and opportunities in developing and implementing the Melbourne Water System Strategy / Flower, David JM
Rhodes, Bruce G —
21. Efficient flood estimation using ARR 2016 temporal patterns in South East Queensland / Frisby, Sheyanne R
Yan, Yan
Niven, Daniel
Yu, Bofu —
22. Testing the robustness of optimal operating plans under various future hydro-climatic scenarios / Godoy, WR
Barton, AF
Wilson, K
Perera, BJC —
23. Integrated modelling of spatio-temporal variability in stream water quality across Victorian catchments / Guo, D
Lintern, A
Webb, JA
Ryu, D
Liu, S
Western, AW —
24. From hydrodynamic modelling to operational decision making: Managing bar openings at Toby Inlet to improve water quality / Hall, J
Frazer, J —
25. Evaluating the effect of farm management on nutrient inflows to receiving water bodies in WA using paddock and catchment models / Hall, J
Gunarathne, G
Herron, A
Cresswell, R
Walton, M —
26. Which way did the water go?: Floodplain decisions for environmental benefits / Herron, Andrew
Southwell, Mark
Weber, Tony
Walpole, Lisa
Frazier, Paul —
27. Flood frequency analysis for the Brisbane River catchment / Hossain, SMAnwar
Rahman, Ataur —
28. Assessing the impact of climate and catchment changes in Wimmera wetlands / Hughes, Ben
Latu, Kilisimasi Kris
Tate, Ben
Simmons, Alex
Fletcher, Greg —
29. A computer tool for designing Onsite Detention (OSD) based on new Australian rainfall and runoff / Imteaz, Monzur Alam
Hossain, Iqbal —
30. Flood risk assessment of temporary works for infrastructure projects / Johnston, Clayton L
Mason, Ben
Riesenkamp, Michiel —
31. Trends in farm dam development over time in Victoria, 2000-2015 / Jordan, Phillip
Race, Georgina
Morden, Robert
Shepherd, David
Lang, Simon
Nathan, Rory —
32. Evaluation of multi-model rainfall forecasts for the national 7-day ensemble streamflow forecasting service / Kabir, A
Hasan, MM
Hapuarachchi, HAP
Zhang, XS
Liyanage, J
Gamage, N
Laugesen, R
Plastow, K
MacDonald, A
Bari, MA
Tuteja, NK
Robertson, DE
Shrestha, DL
Bennett, JC —
33. An investigation into the efficacy of Australian rainfall and runoff 2016 procedures in the mount lofty ranges, South Australia / Kemp, David J
Hewa, Guna —
34. The Frederick Street catchment in Adelaide – a review of the 1960s rational method design and change in drainage standard due to infill development / Kemp, David J
Pezzaniti, David
Myers, Baden —
35. Performance of urban on-site detention systems using ARR2016 design rainfall inputs / Ko, Jason
Johnson, Fiona —
36. Visualising hydrologic data / Ladson, Anthony —
37. Effect of climate change on performance WSUD treatment devices / Lam, Eric C
Gribler, Michelle —
38. Characterising the location and rarity of annual maxima rainfall in the GTSM-R coastal zone / Lang, Simon
Zhang, Jing Ashley
Scorah, Matthew
Nathan, Rory
Pearse, Mark —
39. Effects of heightened price awareness on urban water consumption / Lucas, Nicholas P
Cordery, Ian —
40. Climate change impact assessment for WaterNSW infrastructure strategy / Maheswaran, Selvaratnam
Sharma, Ashish
Mehrotra, Raj —
41. ARR has changed: What about my cost-benefit analysis? / Marginson, Sam —
42. Forecast based operations I – a comparison with the rain-on-ground operational rationale / McMahon, Greg —
43. Identifying the existence of any periodicity in flooding / McMahon, GM
Kiem, Anthony S —
44. Victorian Water Register – next generation / Miller, Brett —
45. Future perspective of rainwater harvesting: A case study for Sydney / Moniruzzaman, M
Imteaz, MA —
46. Victorian monitoring partnerships: A collaborative approach to water data acquisition and management / Mutton, Craig
Ryan, Sarah
Sleeth, Hannah —
47. Investigation of the use of Australian water availability project rainfall data for the development of eWater source models for water planning in NSW / Nandakumar, Nanda
Raut, Ashok
Singh, Gurmeet
Maheswaran, Selvaratnam —
48. Making it rain with shiny / Barker, Andrew
O’Brien, Evan —
49. Another step on the difficult journey to regionalise a probability-based loss model / O’Shea, Declan
Nathan, Rory
Hill, Peter —
50. Comparison of annual maximum and peaks-over-threshold methods in flood frequency analysis / Pan, Xiao
Rahman, Ataur —
51. A changing flow regime in southern Victoria / Parker, Dave
Lowe, Lisa
Rave, Dorian
Nathan, Rory
Stacey, Mark —
52. Making every drop count in regional WA – bitumen water supply catchments / Pearce, Leanne —
53. Assessing climate change impacts on rural flooding in Victoria / Pedruco, P
Szemis, JM
Brown, R
Lett, R
Ladson, AR
Kiem, AS
Chiew, FHS —
54. Determination of pre-burst rainfalls for Australian rainfall and runoff / Podger, S
Babister, M
Ward, M —
55. Flood impact assessment for major infrastructure projects / Pomeroy, Lisa —
56. Proposing a relationship between number of pipe bursts and pipe pressures in water distribution systems / Akbarkhiavi, Savalan P
Imteaz, Monzur A —
57. Event-based versus duration-based assessment for long-term modelling of mining impacts / Price, Krey —
58. Understanding limitations to implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) systems in existing urbanised catchments / Rashetnia, Samira
Sharma, Ashok
Ladson, Anthony
Browne, Dale —
59. Understanding deep aquifer responses to interseam materials of brown coal mines / Rastogi, Sid
Barton, Andrew F
Mackay, Rae
Kandra, Harpreet
Tolooiyan, Ali —
60. Calibration of sacramento model for a catchment with unknown abstraction / Raut, Ashok K
Nandakumar, Nanda
Kibria, Golam —
61. Ensemble assessment and gridded surface response / Ward, M
Retallick, M
Babister, M
Testoni, I —
62. Benchmarking the selection of probability neutral hydrologic design floods for use in 2D hydraulic models / Scorah, Matthew
Stephens, David
Nathan, Rory —
63. Groundwater condition report for decision making / Shams, Rezina —
64. Calibration of a catchment-scale water quality model using PEST / Cetin, Lydia T
Shrestha, Manoj K
Rahman, Joel
Sands, Michelle —
65. Investigations on irrigation diversions using eWater source models and satellite imagery in regulated Richmond River / Singh, Gurmeet
Kibria, Golam
Maheswaran, Selvaratnam —
66. Construction of a rainfall-runoff model in Liberia, Africa / Szabo, Katherine
Lang, Simon —
67. Assessing long term climate change impacts on environmental flow compliance and shortfalls in the Yarra River / Szemis, JM
Edwards, C
Treadwell, S
Sandercock, P —
68. Changes in annual rainfall-runoff responses in Melbourne’s major water supply catchments / Tan, KS
Neal, Brad —
69. Methodology for determining floodway / flow conveyance extent in Australian floodplains / Thomas, CR
Golaszewski, R
Cox, R —
70. Developing an urban regional flood frequency estimation procedure for Australia / Thomson, Rhys
Phillips, Brett C
Evans, Luke
Goyen, Allan —
71. Agile modelling: Current practice, fad or future? / van der Sterren, Marlene
Golding, Benjamin —
72. The potential for tree ring hydrologic reconstructions in Australia – what does the future hold? / Verdon-Kidd, Danielle
Allen, Kathryn
Goodwin, Matthew
Baker, Patrick
Allie, Stuart —
73. A quick method for estimating the probable maximum flood in the coastal GTSMR zone / Watt, S
Sciacca, D
Hughes, M
Pedruco, P —
74. The value of water in storage: Implications for operational policies / Western, Andrew W
Taylor, Nathan
Langford, John
Azmi, Mo —
75. Making it real – the delivery of real time water data in Victoria / Wilson, Paul J
Chaggar, Jasjit —
76. The Australian water resource assessment landscape model – AWRA-L: Improved performance and regional calibration / Frost, Andrew J
Wright, David P —
77. Towards sub-catchment scale soil moisture prediction: A combined remote sensing and land surface modelling approach / Senanayake, IP
Yeo, IY
Willgoose, GR
Hancock, GR —
78. Choosing the right defence – a tool for selecting the appropriate urban flood defence / Bond, Edward
Cheah, Nathan
Moore, Claire
McGregor, Claire —
79. Benchmarking hydrological and hydraulic models in a gauged urban catchment in the ACT / Phillips, Brett C
Yu, Stephen —
80. Evaluation of TanDEM-X and DEM-H digital elevation models over the Condamine-Balonne catchment (Australia) / Wang, Ankun
Grimaldi, Stefania
Shaadman, Saif
Li, Yuan
Pauwels, Valentijn RN
Walker, Jeffrey P —
81. Defining acceptable impacts for flood impact assessments / Retallick, M
Babister, M —
82. Multi-variable hydrological simulation in a semi-arid catchment towards effective water resources management / Binesh, A
Yeo, IY.


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