Advanced Linear Algebra 1st edition


Advanced Linear Algebra 1st edition
Authors: Nicholas Loehr
Year: 2014
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781466559011
ISBN 10: 1466559012
Categorie: Mathematics, Algebra
Pages: 632 / 619
Edition: 1

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Advanced Linear Algebra Nicholas Loehr
Designed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in linear or abstract algebra, Advanced Linear Algebra covers theoretical aspects of the subject, along with examples, computations, and proofs. It explores a variety of advanced topics in linear algebra that highlight the rich interconnections of the subject to geometry, algebra, analysis, combinatorics, numerical computation, and many other areas of mathematics. The book’s 20 chapters are grouped into six main areas: algebraic structures, matrices, structured matrices, geometric aspects of linear algebra, modules, and multilinear algebra. The level of abstraction gradually increases as students proceed through the text, moving from matrices to vector spaces to modules. Each chapter consists of a mathematical vignette devoted to the development of one specific topic. Some chapters look at introductory material from a sophisticated or abstract viewpoint while others provide elementary expositions of more theoretical concepts. Several chapters offer unusual perspectives or novel treatments of standard results. Unlike similar advanced mathematical texts, this one minimizes the dependence of each chapter on material found in previous chapters so that students may immediately turn to the relevant chapter without first wading through pages of earlier material to access the necessary algebraic background and theorems. Chapter summaries contain a structured list of the principal definitions and results. End-of-chapter exercises aid students in digesting the material. Students are encouraged to use a computer algebra system to help solve computationally intensive exercises.
Mathematics – Algebra
Chapman and Hall/CRC
632 / 619
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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
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