Acoustics and Sound Insulation


Acoustics and Sound Insulation
Authors: Eckard Mommertz
Year: 2009
Publisher: Birkhäuser Architecture
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9783764399535
ISBN 1903764399538
Categorie: Architecture
Pages: 112 / 114
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Acoustics and Sound Insulation

Eckard Mommertz

Acoustics and protection against noise do not perhaps number among the primary parameters that normally influence the design of a building. Nevertheless, at the very latest when the lecturer in the seminar room cannot be heard, when the noise level in an open-plan office reaches unbearable levels, or when a neighbors noise deprives you of sleep, it becomes clear just how essential acoustic can be to everyday well-being. it is not just concert halls or the amphitheaters of antiquity that call for acoustic quay; rather, every building, indeed every room, has an acoustic dimension that changes according to the nature of its particular requirements. This practice-oriented volume provides expert planners and architects but also interested developers with practical knowledge on the subject of acoustics in high-rise architecture, beginning with standards on methods of planning and prognosis and moving on to the areas of acoustics of rooms and architecture and noise protection in urban planning. Typologically organized chapters comment on proper approaches to the subject with examples of different types of building such as residential and office buildings, schools, kindergartens, lecture halls, event spaces, and so on, because appropriate acoustic conditions make an essential contribution to the success of a project. Schallschutz und Akustik gehören vielleicht nicht zu den primären Parametern, die den Entwurf eines Gebäudes normalerweise beeinflussen. Doch spätestens wenn man den Vortragenden im Seminarraum nicht versteht, der Geräuschpegel im Großraumbüro unerträgliche Ausmaße annimmt oder das Rumoren des Nachbars einem den Schlaf raubt, wird klar, wie wesentlich die Raumakustik zum alltäglichen Wohlbefinden beiträgt. Nicht nur Konzertsäle oder das antike Amphitheater erheben Anspruch auf akustische Quaät, sondern jedes Gebäude, sogar jeder Raum besitzt eine akustische Dimension, die je nach Funktion in ihren individuellen Anfo

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