A Front End Web Developer’s Guide to Testing: Explore leading web test automation frameworks


A Front End Web Developer’s Guide to Testing: Explore leading web test automation frameworks
Authors: Eran Kinsbruner
Year: 2022
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781839213854
ISBN 10: 183921385X
Categories: Computers, Web Development
Pages: 206

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A Front End Web Developer’s Guide to Testing: Explore leading web test automation frameworks Eran Kinsbruner
Discover expert tips and best practices for maximizing the efficacy of various test automation frameworks and gain a better understanding of their capabilities for your web projects
Key FeaturesExplore the progressive features of the most advanced cross browser test automation frameworks
Formulate a solid testing strategy and strengthen your test coverage by selecting the right tools
Realize the future of cross browser test automation and the use of AI and low code in testingBook DescriptionTesting web applications during a sprint poses a challenge for frontend web app developers, which can be overcome by harnessing the power of new, open source cross browser test automation frameworks. This book will introduce you to a range of leading, powerful frameworks, such as Selenium, Cypress, Puppeteer, and Playwright, and serve as a guide to leveraging their test coverage capability. You’ll learn essential concepts of web testing and get an overview of the different web automation frameworks in order to integrate them into your frontend development workflow. Throughout the book, you’ll explore the unique features of top open source test automation frameworks, as well as their trade offs, and learn how to set up each of them to create tests that don’t break with changes in the app.By the end of this book, you’ll not only be able to choose the framework that best suits your project needs but also create your initial JavaScript based test automation suite. This will enable fast feedback upon code changes and increase test automation reliability. As the open source market for these frameworks evolves, this guide will help you to continuously validate your project needs and adapt to the changes.
What you will learnChoose the ideal tool or combination of tools for testing your app
Continuously monitor the market and ensure that your developers are using the right tools
Advance test automation for your web app with sophisticated capabilities
Measure both code coverage and test coverage to assess your web application quality
Measure the success and maturity of web application quality
Understand the trade offs in tool selection and the associated risks
Build Cypress, Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer projects from scratch
Explore low code testing tools for web appsWho this book is forIf you are a frontend developer working with popular frameworks, such as Vue or React, and want to develop testing skills by learning the essentials of test automation, this book is for you. An intermediate level understanding of JavaScript and frontend development is assumed.
Table of ContentsCross Browser Testing Methodologies
Challenges Faced by Frontend Web Application Developers
Top Web Test Automation Frameworks
Matching Personas and Use Cases to Testing Frameworks
Introducing the Leading Frontend Web Development Frameworks
Map the Pillars of a Dev Testing Strategy for Web Applications
Core Capabilities of the Leading JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks
Measuring Test Coverage of the Web Application
Working with the Selenium Framework
Working with the Cypress Framework
Working with the Playwright Framework
Working with the Puppeteer Framework
Complementing Code Based Testing with Low Code Test Automation
Wrapping Up
Computers Web Development
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A Front End Web Developer’s Guide to Testing: Explore leading web test automation frameworks

Availability: 5000 in stock