7 Algorithm Design Paradigms


7 Algorithm Design Paradigms
Authors: Sung-Hyuk Cha
Year: 2020
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9781735168043
ISBN 10: 1735168041
Categories: Computers, Algorithms and Data Structures
Pages: 208

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7 Algorithm Design Paradigms Sung-Hyuk Cha
The intended readership includes both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in computer science as well as researchers in the computer science area. The book is suitable either as a textbook or as a supplementary book in algorithm courses. Over 400 computational problems are covered with various algorithms to tackle them. Rather than providing students simply with the best known algorithm for a problem, this book presents various algorithms for readers to master various algorithm design paradigms. Beginners in computer science can train their algorithm design skills via trivial algorithms on elementary problem examples. Graduate students can test their abilities to apply the algorithm design paradigms to devise an efficient algorithm for intermediate-level or challenging problems. Key Features includes followings: 1 Dictionary of Computational Problems: A table of over 400 computational problems with more than 1500 algorithms is provided. 2 Indices and Hyperlinks: Algorithms, computational problems, equations, figures, lemmas, properties, tables, and theorems are indexed with unique identification numbers and page numbers in the printed book and hyperlinked in the book version. 3 Extensive Figures: Over 435 figures illustrate the algorithms and describe computational problems. 4 Comprehensive Exercises: More than 352 exercises help students to improve their algorithm design and analysis skills. The answers for most questions are available in the accompanying solution manual. Categories:
Computers – Algorithms and Data Structures
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7 Algorithm Design Paradigms

Availability: 5000 in stock