3d Game Development With Unity


3d Game Development With Unity
Authors: Lanzinger
Year: 2022
Publisher: CRC Pr I Llc
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9780367349219
ISBN 10: 367349213
Categories: Computers, PC and Video Games
Pages: 206

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3d Game Development With Unity Lanzinger, Franz
This book teaches beginners and aspiring game developers how to develop 3D games with Unity. Thousands of commercial games have been built with Unity. This book combines a practical, step by step approach with explanations of the underlying theory that are reinforced with hundreds of screenshots and several larger projects. Building on the knowledge developed in 2D Game Development for Unity, this book uses the Blender software for 3D modelling and texturing, GIMP for 2D art, Audacity for sound effects, and MuseScore for music composition and notation. Readers can follow the step by step guides and create an introductory racing game, a 3D maze game, and a 3D FPS adventure game as they progress through the chapters. The book contains numerous color illustrations and online access to easily downloadable game assets, code, and project files.Written to be accessible and easy to follow, this book will be a valuable resource to both beginner and aspiring game developers that want to develop 3D games with Unity.Franz Lanzinger is an independent game developer, author, and pianist. He is the owner of Lanzinger Studio located in Sunnyvale, California. His game development career spans almost 40 years starting with the coin op classic Crystal Castles at Atari in 1983, continuing with Ms. Pacman and Toobin’ for the NES, published by Tengen in 1990.Franz has been an indie game developer since 199 He worked on SNES Rampart, Championship Pool, and NCAA Final Four Basketball, as well as Gubble for the PC, Mac, and PlayStation. This is Franz’s third book about game development. He is currently working on a remaster of Gubble. In his spare time, he is the piano accompanist for the Valley Chorale and the Serendipity Choir. Go to franzlanzinger.com for the latest news about Franz as well as resources for his books. Categories:
Computers PC and Video Games
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3d Game Development With Unity

Availability: 5000 in stock