301 Ways to Have Fun at Work


301 Ways to Have Fun at Work
Authors: Dave Hemsath
Year: 1997
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Language: english
ISBN 13: 9781583762585
ISBN 5231583762582
Categorie: Responsibility and Business Ethics
Pages: 23
Edition: 1

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301 Ways to Have Fun at Work Dave Hemsath, David Hemsath
“Fun at Work” sounds like an oxymoron, but it may be the hottest new trend in business– Features ideas generated by companies around the world that have successfully instilled fun into the workplace– Written not just for managers, but for anyone who works in an organizationThe most successful organizations add a healthy dose of play into their daily or weekly routines. In fact, research has shown that when people actually enjoy their jobs they’re more creative, more productive, and more committed to doing their job well. Companies like the Colorado Health Sciences Center and Southwest Airlines attest to the positive effect of fun at work. Both trace increased job satisfaction and decreased employee downtime to concerted efforts to make fun a part of their corporate identity.With 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes offer a complete resource anyone can use to create a dynamic workplace that encourages and inspires fun-and-games camaraderie among employees. It combines thorough research with practical hands-on suggestions, and features hundreds of ideas real companies have used to lighten up the workplace.When the authors surveyed over 1,500 individuals from organizations worldwide, they received enthusiastic responses that yielded a broad range of ways to spice up the workday. People loved to share how they have fun at work. The suggestions in the book include humorous training films, dress-up and dress-down days, silly job titles, awards for people who go “above and beyond the call of duty” when a coworker is on vacation, “ritual dances” at the completion of a project, a fashion show when it’s time to choose a new uniform — even foam dartfights after meetings.Designed to be read straight through or picked up and browsed for just a few minutes, 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work also features sidebars, fun facts, fun quotes, and fun resources. Categories:
Business & Economics – Responsibility and Business Ethics
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

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